Are Steroid Alternatives Safe? A Guide to Picking the Right Supplements [2018 Update]

The USA is home to 1-3 million steroid users*.

This number is staggering and illustrates the reliance on substances to maximize lean muscle development. However, several individuals have pinpointed the risks associated with various types of steroids and believe alternatives are the way to go.

It’s important to do your research before diving in, and it starts here. This article will analyze steroid alternatives and whether or not they’re safe to use for those interested in pursuing them.


These are well-regarded as a top-tier legal alternative to regular steroids.

Studies have been completed on SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) to see how they respond in the human body. Do they yield good returns or are they going to minimize growth? All studies have shown these are highly responsive and high-quality options for building muscle mass while staying lean.

This alternative also provides a range of benefits while minimizing side effects. With this in mind, it starts to become clear why people are moving towards alternatives. The rewards are high while the risks remain low and that’s the ideal fit for anyone in this position.

Here are some of the other benefits you see with SARMs.

1) Increased Endurance
2) Increased Energy Levels
3) Faster Recovery Rate
4) Quick Metabolization
5) Easy To Use

These benefits start to illustrate the power of SARMs and why they are being used around the world.


The premise of this read was to illustrate whether or not steroid alternatives are safe.

Studies completed on the efficiency of these alternatives also analyzed potential side effects. Over time, subjects who were using these alternatives showed tremendous growth without a single side effect. Yes, this begins to show the beauty of modern-day alternatives and what they bring to the table.

Why is this the case?

According to the USADA, SARMs are not home to as many androgenic properties meaning they can settle into the tissues without causing damage. When that occurs, the body does not respond violently and will not display the same mental/physical concerns regular steroids cause.

This is important for those who want to optimize their development without initiating new side effects along the way.

The charm with alternatives such as these is the “selective” nature of their value. The name itself has selective in it! This means they are going to target selective hormone receptors to initiate a particular response. Not only do they activate specific hormones, but they can also block certain ones too. This is how you get a full-fledged boost in the right direction without doing harm to your body.


Yes, one of the primary reasons regular steroids cause concerns has to do with how they’re taken.

By injecting them, there is an enhanced risk involved, and that can lead to major concerns. With steroid alternatives, the benefits are present, but it’s easier to take with the help of a little dropper. Individuals can go ahead and take them orally without having to deal with physical changes from injections.

This is a safety net for those who want to remain in control as they start to pursue steroid alternatives.

Legal In The US

Want to understand the overall safety of steroid alternatives?

It’s as simple as looking at what they USADA has to say about them. According to this department, they are legal and can be taken by the average person without hesitation. The same cannot be said for regular steroids as they’re not made for humans and shouldn’t be taken for lean muscle growth.

For those who do, it poses a significant risk and is not worth it in the long-term. By going down the legal route, you are choosing a certified product that is trusted and tested. It is going to produce good results and help with lean muscle development.

Please note, athletes are restricted from using steroid alternatives as they’re considered performance enhancers. If confused, take the time to speak with relevant authorities or analyze the regulations before moving forward with the use of steroid alternatives.

In general, steroid alternatives are highly efficient and safer than regular steroids. It’s best to go with the trusted solution and know you have several studies backing the use of these alternatives.

What’s the Best Alternative?

There are going to be many options to choose from when you start looking for legal steroid alternatives. The best advice we can give is to do your research and go with a reputable company and product. CrazyBulk seems to fit both of these criteria and has a full line of supplements for both bulking and cutting.

CrazyBulk seems to fit both of these criteria and has a full line of supplements for both bulking and cutting.

Read our full CrazyBulk review to learn more about what they have to offer.