a review of the sole e35 elliptical with pricing information

Sole E35 Elliptical Review, Specs, & Price

Elliptical trainers are some of the most popular workout equipment for home use. They are great for low-impact cardio workouts, by simulating running while the machine help to reduce the impact. The elliptical motion of the machine helps to protect joints from injury and damage, which is important for anyone with an injured hip, knee, or lower body.

Elliptical machines also make working out a lot more fun, and allow for a safe and efficient weight loss. These perks alone probably explain why ellipticals are such a popular choice for home workout equipment.

Nonetheless, purchasing a home elliptical trainer can be a bit confusing, considering there are so many options available. This article is a review of one of the best elliptical trainers of the year:

The Sole E35 from Sole Fitness. The company has a full range of trusted and durable fitness equipment, including Sole Exercise Bikes, Sole Treadmills, and Sole Ellipticals.

The E35 is one of the top of the range offerings from the company, and one model above the entry-level E25 model. The main outstanding features of the E35 is that it’s durable, well built, is smooth to ride, provides long-term reliability, and comes with an excellent manufacturer’s warranty.

With its 2019 refresh, the E35 is now more tech integrated than the previous models. It comes with Bluetooth support for your mobile fitness apps, an integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth audio speakers, as well as a USB charging port.

Learn more about the Sole E35 Elliptical in our in-depth review below.

Sole E35 Features and Specs

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The features on the Sole E35 are typically what you’d expect from an elliptical that costs over $800. Although you will be paying over $1,000 for it, you should know there are no really major bells and whistles that you’ve never seen before.

The Key features include:

  • Power-adjustable incline and stride
  • 29-pound flywheel
  • Built-in fan
  • Moveable handlebars with multi-position grips
  • 7.5-inch backlit display
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Measures heart rate using a chest strap and hand grips
  • Lifetime Frame warranty, 5 years parts & electronics warranty, 2 years labor warranty.

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High-Tech Features

sole e35 display console

The workout programing is displayed on a 7.5-inch LCD that’s built into the console.

The adjustable screen is high-contrast to ensure that the user has a clear view of the data on the screen. Your session’s details can also be displayed on a smartphone or tablet running the official Sole Fitness App.

Once the program is set up, it will run in the background and control the resistance and incline of the elliptical. And don’t worry, you can still run or enjoy other apps while this is happening. Moreover, Sole’s app can be used to send the exercise stats routinely to MapMyRun, FitBit, and other fitness apps.

The E35 also features Pulse Handle bars, which are easy to grip and work seamlessly with your workout. They come integrated with a heart monitor that lets you keep tabs on how intense your session is becoming and where you need to improve. You can also chance the incline and resistance from the handgrips.

Also included is a chest strap that serves as an alternative to the Pulse Handlebars. If you don’t want to grip the handlebars to check your heartrate or just want to keep your hands free, you can simply attach the Chest Strap and instantly have constant readings of your BPM.

The Sole E35 also packs a cooling fan and a water bottle holder. The inbuilt speakers are compatible with any phone or mp3 player. All in all, this machine comes with a number of small, well thought out conveniences that add up to offer the user an all-round comfortable, quality workout.


elliptical side profile

Sole Fitness has become renowned for its high quality products, and the Sole E35 is no exception. In fact, the incredible high-quality build of this elliptical is a key aspect that differentiates it from the competition.

The Sole E35 comes in a thick steel frame construction and can handle users of up to a maximum of 375 pounds. This is 75 pounds more than what competing elliptical models can hold, which again highlights its stability and quality construction.

Its 4 rear wheels are installed on heavy duty rails, which provides added stability.

Size and Comfort

a woman check the pedals on her elliptical

The elliptical comes with an adjustable 20-inch stride length, and the whole unit weighs 231 pounds. In general, it’s a heavy machine and slightly larger than average. Luckily, it features transport wheels and a lift handle to help move it around.

Due to the heavier build, it’s often recommended that owners have at least two people while assembling the unit. Moreover, users have often complained that the product’s instructional manual doesn’t do a good job explaining its assembly. Most find it a lot easier to use assembly instruction videos on YouTube.

With ellipticals, it’s quite common for users to complain about the stride lengths being too short or long. One of its distinguishing features of the E35 is its adjustable stride length, which varies between 20 inches and 22 inches. This means that the machine can suit almost anyone comfortably.

The pedals on the machine are well cushioned and oversized. They feature a unique design with a inward slope of 2 degrees to lessen stress on your knees and ankles, and you can adjust them for a snug fit. To help you get a full body workout, the E35 has movable handlebars and multi-position grips.

And just as with any other elliptical, it’s important to ensure you have an ample ceiling space before getting one. At its highest point, the E35 is about 24 inches off the ground, and if you’re over 6 ft. and your ceilings are under 8 ft. you might struggle using it in the room.

Performance and Flexibility

sole e35 performance features

This elliptical is powered by a silent drive system that essentially combines a 35lb flywheel with a high gear rotation to ensure a smooth performance. The fan is built into the system to keep everything running cool and efficiently. The 4 rear wheels help maintain a stable unobstructed motion while the machine is in use.

A key performance feature on the Sole E35 is the power incline. There are 20 different settings to choose from, and it allows for targeted muscle tuning that’s usually impossible to achieve with ellipticals that only have one flat elliptical path. The pedals can move in both forward and reverse motions for more dynamic training sessions.

The E35 comes with 10 workout presets, including two heart rate programs and two custom user programs. You can also store your own presets on two available slots. On its dashboard, you’ll find your workout details including time, calories burned, distance travelled, and the resistance.

With its dynamic magnetic resistance, the E35 provides a challenging workout for most people. You can adjust the resistance level directly from the console or the handlebars.

This way you don’t need to get your hands off the handlebars during your workout. The resistance level can also change automatically based on your heart rate. This feature allows you to reach your target heart rate range and improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Sole E35 Pros and Cons

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  • Class-leading warranty
  • The pedals are well designed and cushioned to encourage longer training sessions.
  • The wireless and touch heart rate monitors are convenient to work with.
  • It lets you raise the incline by up to 30 degrees.
  • It lets you connect your own tablet or smartphone and export data to other fitness apps.
  • The Silent Drive System is sleek, modern, and user-friendly.
  • The inbuilt speakers and Bluetooth capability lets you listen to music or podcasts while you burn calories.
  • Adjustable incline and stride length.


  • Users have complained that the resistance levels are sometimes not challenging enough for fit people.
  • Speaker quality is wanting.
  • The assembly can be challenging especially for one person.
  • Only has 10 workout presets

How Much Does it Cost?

pricing information

The Sole E35 Elliptical is a high-end machine that comes equipped with the kind of features you’d typically expect from a high-end elliptical. It’s original price (MSRP) is $2,799, though you can easily get it at its discounted price of $1,399.

During our review of the best treadmills and ellipticals, we learnt that a lot of manufacturers in the exercise equipment space often have a perpetual “discount price” for their products that’s far below the official MSRP. This probably explains the price difference.

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Who Should Buy an E35?

You should consider getting the Sole E35 if:

  • You intend to use it at home.
Unlike most other ellipticals, the E35 is well constructed and durable enough to offer incredible cardio workouts for more than one person on a daily basis.
  • You live in an apartment or condo, and a quiet operation is especially important to you.

The E35 runs smoothly and quietly if assembled, used, and maintained properly.

  • You are a beginner or intermediate level athlete.

The E35 offers the resistance, stability, tension, and durability for these kinds of athletes. However, it’s not recommended for athletes past these levels who want to go harder and can afford a better one.

All in all, the E35 is suitable for anyone regardless of their level of fitness. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a regular trainer (except pro athletes), the Sole E35 is a perfect product for burning off unwanted fat and toning your muscles.

Real User Testimonials

a guy rides his elliptical

The Sole E35 Elliptical is nothing short of a crowd pleaser, if the sheer number of positive customer reviews and testimonials are anything to go by.

It has a solid rating on Amazon, and there are lots of reviewers praising how the machine has helped them become more active and how well it has held up well over time.  Moreover, since 2014, a number of leading consumer websites have named it their Best Buy Elliptical machine.

Here’s what a few verified customers had to say about their Sole E35 Elliptical:

Stop shopping, looking at reviews and buy this elliptical!!! I am a 44-year-old man weighing in at 225 pounds and have never had any problems with it struggling to hold me, VERY SOLID. I have had it three years and it works just as well as when I bought it! Just buy it! It is a little pricey, but did I say WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

I have had these for 2 years now and still in great condition. I use it multiple times and week. Worth the money since I can’t always go to the gym each morning… I just love it and would not know what to do without it.

Review Summary

The Sole E35 is perhaps the best elliptical machine you can get below the $2,000 price tag, with near commercial-grade construction and features.

It also provides some of the best warranties for exercise machines – it’s backed by a lifetime warranty for its frame, 5 years for all parts and electronics, and 2 years on labor.

So, if you’re looking for an elliptical machine that has a guaranteed durability and one that can withstand heavy use, the Sole E35 is your best bet. While the $1,399 price is certainly not cheap, you really get value for your money, with the extensive adjustments, superior comfort, incredible tech features, and the quiet operation.

The Sole E35 Elliptical has the power to help you reach new heights of fitness.

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