Spartagen XT Reviews& Cost [2018] The Ultimate Test Booster?


Spartagen XT is a supplement that claims to boost testosterone levels, a rather popular trend online these days. And like many of its rivals, Spartagen XT is only available via the internet and the official website. So, the question becomes whether this supplement is in fact different from the rest, or is it just another scam making waves?

Why Take Spartagen XT?

Testosterone is created naturally in the body, but the production of testosterone decreases over time. As guys get older this will become more visible, and they’ll definitely start feeling the difference. In many cases one of the first places low testosterone levels become a problem is in the bedroom. And all of a sudden excessive medication like Viagra jumps to mind.

Spartagen XT was created for this exact purpose. It helps the body to boost testosterone naturally. Just like women go through menopause, men experience Andropause. But instead of producing less estrogen, men produce a lot less testosterone after reaching a certain age. The natural ingredients (discussed below) found in Spartagen XT have enough credibility to support the boosting claims, but it’s not evidence enough yet.

At first glance it might seem like the supplement is targeted at guys looking to build muscle while losing weight, which it does. But in truth it’s being marketed to guys facing erection problems. How can this conclusion be reached exactly? Because most of the ingredients are aphrodisiac orientated.

Spartagen XT comes in capsule form and the manufacturing takes place inside the United States according to the site. Although they can’t claim it’s FDA approved, the developer does state everything happens inside an FDA registered facility. How much this is worth to the consumer depends on personal opinion.

The Ingredients

Spartagen XT is divided into three different categories regarding the ingredients. They are:

– Proprietary Testosterone Activation Stock

The cocktail of ingredients for this part of the supplement is made from tongkat ali and tribulus terrestris extract. Both of these are known for their medicinal properties, and both are flowering plants. Tongkat ali is typically found in Malaysia and Indonesia, although it’s not uncommon to discover some over different parts of Asia. Quassionoids serve as the active compound inside tongkat ali, and it’s main purpose is to enhance the male sex-drive.

It is believed that tribulus terrestris, a weed-like plant and somewhat of a pest, can boost testosterone levels and therefore overcome erection problems naturally.

– Proprietary Sex Drive Amplification Matrix

Butea superba is the first of three ingredients for this cocktail, and it’s native to China, Vietnam, India and Thailand. It’s a traditional belief that it can act as an aphrodisiac, without scientific evidence.

Red ginseng is next, and unlike butea superba, science has proven that red ginseng is a very popular medicinal herb. Apart from all the other benefits, it’s a known treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Maca is the last ingredient, and in this case it’s used to increase fertility and overall health. It’s also known as Peruvian ginseng.

– Vitamins and Minerals

The vitamins and minerals in Spartagen XT are zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.

The Benefits

According to the developer, and several customer reviews, Spartagen XT can increase testosterone levels to the point where it gives a man back his sex-drive. That’s about the extent and purpose of the supplement. For guys wanting to build muscle, this can be a very helpful product as well.

The other benefit is that Spartagen XT is made from all-natural products, which is a bonus.

The Side-Effects

First of all, there is a warning from Edge Bioactives to limit capsules to 4 a day, because some of the ingredients can get harmful when consumed in high dosages.

In terms of actual side-effects, some users have reported higher blood pressure. But overall it’s hard to tell, seeing as different people are going to react differently to certain ingredients.

For guys using any type of medication, it’s best to consult a doctor before making Spartagen XT part of the daily diet.

Does Spartagen XT Work?

For the most part users seem to be happy, although they do report different experiences. For example, for one guy it will work almost instantly, while others said it took a while. Then there’s the group that cashed in on the 60 day money-back guarantee, saying the product didn’t work at all.

Like everything else, it needs to be tested to see if it works, and luckily there is a money-back guarantee involved.

Where To Find The Best Deal

The only place where the supplement is actually available is through the official website, or you can follow the link of an affiliate. It’s currently on sale for $69, where it usually costs $149.