stairmaster reviews and pricing info

StairMaster Reviews & Pricing Info

If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout that’ll really get you into shape, then adding a stair climber stepping machine to your life is a very smart thing to do.

While it’s long been known that stair climbing workouts are some of the toughest you can ever perform (and far more intense than treadmills or elliptical trainers), it’s safe to say that the StairMaster product line, in particular, have a reputation for producing some of the most advanced and tough cardio machines on the planet.

For this reason, it makes sense to invest in a top-of-the-line brand whenever you are planning to add intense cardio conditioning to your exercise plan.

In this StairMaster review, we’re going to take a closer look at a few of the key models that StairMaster currently produce, and you’ll also learn more about the unique benefits that stairclimbing has to offer. We will also help you to decide whether making the investment will be the right choice for you.

How Much Do the StairMaster Stepping Machines Cost?

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There’s no denying that StairMaster step machines are on the more expensive side, and a high-quality machine is certainly a significant long-term investment.

However, it’s also true to say that the workout is far more engaging and satisfying than using a typical treadmill machine, and the StairMaster’s ability to condition your lower body as well as give you a tough fat burning workout mean that it can be a great tool for any long-term fitness plan.

In general, the prices for a StairMaster step machine usually start at the several thousand dollar mark, with the older models being somewhat more affordable and the latest models (particularly the Gauntlet Series 8) being on the higher end, coming in at around $7500 from many retailers.

It’s also worth noting that you may want to buy a few extras to protect your purchase, such as a longer warranty, a floor mat, and even an optional TV attachment if you want some added entertainment while you’re working out.

These extras do add a little to the price, but they are often worth it in the long run.

StairMaster Models

Now that you have a better understanding of StairMaster step machines, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the key models they have to offer. With this in mind, let’s hone in on three of the top models currently available.

1. Gauntlet 8G: The Newest StairMaster Model

a side shot of the gauntlet 8G

The best StairMaster step machine on the market right now has to be the gauntlet 8G, as it comes with a number of advanced features that make it an absolute joy to use as part of your regular workout schedule.

Simply by looking at the machine, you can tell it’s slightly different from many of the alternatives, and even though the StairMaster machines are notorious for their grueling intensity, it’s clear to see that this item is no toy.

But despite its streamlined looks, it’s packed with many well thought out features that make it a great option for regular use.

For example, it comes within easy to read LCD screen which gives you all of the key information you’ll be looking for such as interval timers, heart rate tracking, calories, floors climbed, and a whole lot more. You can also set up individual worker profiles to allow for multiple users.

In terms of stepping action, it’s incredibly smooth and comfortable thanks to the electronically controlled alternator that ensures the descent of each pedal is smooth and reliable, so there will be no stumbling, even if you are somewhat new to the action of stairclimbing.

It also benefits from a uniquely quiet design that means you can use this machine at practically any time of the day without bothering other people in your household or gym.

The intensity of the workout is also easy to customize, and the staircase can revolve from anywhere between 26 to 162 steps per minute, so there’s enough range here to accommodate anybody from the raw beginner to the seasoned expert.

There’s even a handy ‘step up’ system which makes it easy to get on and off the machine (and you will certainly appreciate the benefit of this after a tough workout!)

The machine measures in at 58″ L x 34″ W x 89″ H, and it also weighs 343 pounds, making it a big, hefty machine that’s best used in the gym or a dedicated exercise room. It’s also worth noting that it requires a minimum ceiling height of 10 feet in order to operate.

As the flagship model from StairMaster, it comes with a hefty price tag of around 7500 dollars.

2. StairMaster SM5 StepMill

If the previous model is somewhat out of your price range, then you may prefer the mid ranged option from StairMaster, known as the SM5 model.

While this option is slightly older, it still comes with many impeccable features that make it a true workhorse, and it’ll still give you one of the best workouts you’ve ever had every single time.

The machine features a handy LCD backlit display, along with programmed workouts and built-in fitness tests that allow you to see how you’re doing. For example, you can try the Fire Fit test, the WFI test, and more.

Of course, it offers you many of the key features you find on the costlier models such as the ‘quiet step’ design, a smooth stepping action, and variable speed that ranges from 26 to 162 steps each minute.

The tracking is also very reliable, giving you a surprisingly accurate heart rate monitor, which helps to track your calories burned as well as track how well you’re progressing in your workouts over time.

When it comes to the dimensions, the machine measures in at 58” L x 34” W x 89” H, along with weighing 343 pounds, so it’s certainly on the larger side and comparable to the Gauntlet model in this way.

As the mid-priced model from StairMaster, this machine will cost you around 3500 dollars.

3. StairMaster SM3 StepMill

a woman rides the stairmaster sm3 stepmill

One of the cheaper (but still fantastic) models from StairMaster is the SM3, and with a lower price tag of around 3500 dollars, it’s certainly more accommodating in terms of price.

This particular machine comes with a blue backlit LCD screen that’s easy enough to read, and this gives you the key information you need to know such as calories, heart rate tracking, floors per minute, and workout profiling abilities.

Just like all the StairMaster machines, the machine accurately replicates the sensation of climbing a (never-ending) staircase, and it gives you stairs which measure in at 6 inches high and 9 inches deep, which makes for a satisfying workout.

It’s also very easy to install this machine in your home gym if you so choose, as the product weighs around 227 pounds, and it measures in at 46″ L x 29″ W x 73″ H.

This makes it slightly smaller than the previously mentioned models, and perhaps more suitable for home gym use if you have the space available.

Prices for this model tend to settle at around 3000-3500 dollars from most online retailers.

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Benefits of Stair Climbing Workouts

front shot of the stairmaster

There are certainly many benefits associated with stairclimbing workouts, and they often considered a superior choice when compared to other cardio machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical trainers.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits that the stair climber workout can give you.

1. Intense calorie burning

Even though your diet is essential for shedding excess weight, there’s no denying the impact that a good cardio session can have, particularly if you’re following HIIT principles that allow you to benefit from the body’s ‘after burn’ effect.

The stair climbing machine is one of the few options that can allow you to achieve a truly jaw-dropping level of intensity, and the more intense your workout is, the more you’ll be able to push your limits and tap into this ‘after burn’ effect.

Ultimately, this allows you to burn more calories in less time, which is ideal for people who are busy and don’t have time to spend hours on a treadmill or day.

2. It’s Actually Fun

While it may be somewhat of an acquired taste to enjoy working out at high levels of intensity, most people who engage in this kind of activity agree that there is a certain euphoria which comes from working out at intense levels, and science seems to back this up due to the effect it has on various key neurotransmitters relating to mental health and well-being.

Pushing yourself to the limits on a stair climber gives you a challenge to look forward to each day, and the sophisticated tracking tools available on the best machines from StairMaster make it easy to see how you’re progressing over time, which further lends motivation to each and every workout you undertake.

3. Builds Lower Body Strength

Toning your lower body is often a challenge, and even if you are running all day on a treadmill, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be truly strengthening your lower body versus merely losing weight and burning calories.

However, the StairMaster machine engages your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings, making sure you nail every key lower body muscle group in one exercise.

Furthermore, it can also help to work out your core muscles and general stability, so the simple act of stair climbing is very close to a full body workout.

4. Improves Posture

One of the more surprising aspects of stair climbing is the fact that it will generally improve your posture over time.

Due to modern living circumstances, many people may have posture issues that they are unaware of, and this can wreak havoc with your long-term health and even affect your mental well-being, too.

Unfortunately, many cardio machines only exacerbate the problem, particularly exercise bikes, which tend to encourage a hunched over posture which isn’t good for your lower back and spine.

On the other hand, a stair climber quickly rewards you for keeping better posture, and it will help you develop the necessary core strength that’ll leak over into everyday life.

After a few weeks of using a stair climber, don’t be surprised if you feel like you are standing a little taller and benefiting from better posture without really trying at all.

Is it Worth it?

Deciding whether the investment of a StairMaster stepping machine is worth it will ultimately be a personal decision, and it may not be for everybody, particularly if you’re on a tight budget.

However, it’s easy to see that it offers numerous unique benefits that are difficult to achieve using any other cardio machine, so if you’re looking to make a serious commitment to your long-term health, then you may discover that investing in a StairMaster is one of the best moves you’ll ever make.

There are several models to choose from which accommodate most budgets, so regardless of which option you choose, you will almost definitely experience the benefits.

Where to Buy the StairMaster

a side profile shot of the machine

The best place to buy the StairMaster is usually online, as you’ll be able to compare all of the prices and find the best deals.

While you’ll have to factor in the shipping costs, you may be able to save a great deal of cash on your chosen model by carefully selecting the right online retailer.

As always, it’s worth doing the necessary research before parting with your cash, but Amazon is a good place to start. Check their latest prices HERE.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s easy to see that investing in the StairMaster step machine is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a high quality, intense workout that’ll never let you down.

Each of the machines made by the StairMaster company score very positive reviews from most buyers, and even though they represent a significant investment, they’re all worth the price tag.

So, if you’re hoping to get into shape and stay that way, then buying a StairMaster step machine is always going to be a move in the right direction.

The unparalleled intensity, safety, and ‘comfort’ features provided by these machines make them easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life, and as anybody who has worked in the fitness industry knows, consistency is one of the hardest things to maintain.

But with a StairMaster machine in your workout arsenal, you will be far more inclined to keep up with these regular workouts and experience the lifetime of benefits that good health and fitness can provide.