Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters – Risks to Know About

testosterone booster side effects

Testosterone boosters are an intriguing supplement and have been used for years with great effect.

However, those who are looking to invest in these boosters will want to know what they are getting into beforehand. Is this a safe option or are you going to be putting your body at risk? This read is going to look at the most common side effects of testosterone boosters and why it is essential to look at what you are using.

In general, testosterone boosters may have a multitude of benefits but it is still important to take a look at potential side effects in advance. It’s also important to note, that you should consult with your medical doctor before trying testosterone supplements.

Increased Urination

While this is a rare side effect and is not going to be noticeable for most men, it is one to point out and has been listed as an official side effect.

A man might notice an increased frequency of his urination schedule throughout the day. For example, a man may have been going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day but could end up going 4-5 times a day without increasing his fluid intake. This is a change that can be noticeable over time as a potential side effect.

This can also end up going to extremes where the urination is happening 7-8 times throughout the day with increased water intake.

Potential Acne Outbreak

a guy wonders if he's going to get acne after taking a testosterone booster

Some men point out to a change in their skin and how it feels on a day-to-day basis.

A few individuals may notice an increase in oiliness throughout the day as they rub their finger across their face. It can happen as the skin will start to sweat more and that is going to give rise to bad skincare without appropriate attention and/or changes on your end.

It is doubly important to wash your face and moisturize while you are taking these boosters to offset such concerns. Other men start to notice an increase in acne development due to the fluctuation in hormones.

Increase in Aggression

Aggression is one of the bigger and major side effects of using boosters on a regular basis.

The idea is you are going to be seeing hormonal changes and that is a natural issue when it comes to seeing a rise in anger. You have to pay attention to this as you are not going to be as calm as you might have been in the past. A lot of men notice this change with some saying it is subtle while others saying it is noticeable right off the bat.

Sleep Apnea

For those who have sleep-related issues, it is sleep apnea that can become a major side effect leading to insomnia.

You might start snoring often or you might find it hard to breathe at night. This is rare but it is a side effect nonetheless.

Kidney Damage

The next side effect of using these boosters is one that is not going to be seen often but it is one that can happen over time if you are not careful about the booster being used.

The kidneys can take a toll and get damaged with the incorrect use of boosters.

Inflammation of Prostate Gland

a guy works out after taking a test supplement

The prostate gland can take a beating when it comes to hormonal changes for some men.

If you are genetically predisposed to prostate issues, you will have to be careful about these boosters and make sure you are getting one with natural ingredients. The issue stems from the prostate gland getting inflamed over time and leading to prostate issues.

The issues can vary and in very rare cases it might become a trigger for cancerous developments in the body. Please note this is not always the case and is only seen in 1-2 cases where the individual was genetically predisposed to the condition and took the wrong supplements consistently.

Elevated Red Blood Cell Counts

This is the last side effect a man can start to notice with the use of supplements such as these ones.

You are going to see an elevation in red blood cells and that can happen as the body adjusts to new hormonal changes. Remember, this can only be tested if you are visiting a doctor and getting a blood test. For those who do have a raised blood count, it is possible to deal with heart disease in the future too.

Final Thoughts

These are the primary side effects of testosterone boosters and it is important to remain on top of your health as soon as you start using them. They are not going to do a lot of harm as they are beneficial and made from 100% natural ingredients but you still have to do your homework. This is also true with something like TRT therapy (learn more), which will require a doctor’s prescription.

Make sure you are getting it from the right supplier and are authenticating what you are receiving before putting it into your body for the first time. We also recommend checking out “free testosterone boosters” when you’re looking, and you can read about one of our favorites here.