Does the 7-Minute Workout Really Work? [2018 Update]

lateral lunges at home

One of the most popular versions of the 7-Minute workout was designed by the American College of Sports Medicine. The circuit workout was published in an article by the New York Times and started to take off. There is an app that makes it very easy to do this short, but not so easy workout.

So, what exactly is the workout? It is a group of exercises that are ordered strategically so that you work different sets of muscle groups. You do the upper body, the core, the lower body and so on. While you are concentrating on one group, you get to rest the others, allowing for an effective but very intense workout.

This is a high-intensity, interval-training workout. You can choose from 72 different exercises like jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups. Some require that you use only your body. Others require a chair. The beauty of this workout is that you can do it anywhere you want from your living room to outdoors.

The 7-minute workout is a great option for people who have a hard time fitting exercise into their busy schedules, or someone who might be traveling and needs to get a quick burst of exercise in their hotel room.

Here’s a quick video demonstration of what one 7-minute workout routine might look like:

The idea of the success is that you can get definite benefits by doing seven minutes of intense exercise a few times a week. It beats doing no exercise, but it is not an overnight miracle workout. You will need to stick with it to see results and, because it is, intense you may want to consult with your doctor before you attempt it.

If you make use of the app, you should find that it is easy to do the exercises or at least follow them along. The app will time each exercise sequence and will alert you to the upcoming exercise. You will do each move for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds.

You will see that the workout does work. You might notice that you start feeling like you can climb stairs without getting winded, and after a few weeks, you will notice your body strengthen. It is at this point that you will probably notice yourself losing weight and eliminating more fat.

It is suggested by those who developed the workout that you do the circuit two to three times. This will make your workout more of a 20-minute workout which should benefit you faster and even more. You will want to build up to this because you do not want to workout to the point of exhaustion.

The 7-minute workout is effective if you work at it, but that goes for any workout. You should not expect miracles overnight but with some time and effort, you should notice improvements in your physique and in your health.

This is based on high-intensity circuit training. This is not a new thing. This has been shown to have long-lasting results in other types of quick, intense circuit workouts. Research has shown that this type of exercise boosts your metabolism, fights weight and can improve your health.

The 7-minute workout is not based on new research, therefore. It is an example of high-intensity circuit training which you can do in other ways. This just happens to be an excellent program for when you do not have access to a gym or gym equipment. It is definitely a great addition to any other workout routine that you already have.

If you do the workout, understand that it helps to have an understanding of what form to use. You need to know how to execute each move so that you can handle more intensity without injuring yourself. If you have hypertension you should be careful about taking this type of workout on.

Still, anyone from any fitness level can enjoy the 7-minute workout. It is easy to follow but not that easy to do. If you are already on a workout regimen, this is one you will definitely want to add to your weekly schedule. Try to do it once a day every day for a week to give yourself the added challenge and benefits that the 7-minute workout offers.

There are many choices for workouts and at times, it can get confusing. You need to stick with a routine to see results, but if you are someone short on attention, the 7-minute workout will be the greatest workout for you to do to get results.