The Best Bowflex TreadClimber Reviews of 2017


If you have been in the market for a workout machine that can help you burn an insane amount of calories in the shortest amount of time possible, then the TreadClimber by Bowflex is definitely worth considering. Among weight loss machines, the Bowflex TreadClimber (TC) has been gaining ground as a reputable solution and is getting rave reviews by pretty much anyone who has been lucky enough to use it.

By now most of us know that Bowflex has built a strong reputation within the fitness industry – and that’s because of their amazing line of home gyms, dumbbells, and fitness equipment. The TreadClimber is among these highly recognized products and has become a go-to piece of cardio equipment, because of it’s almost zero-impact workout design.

This review will be looking into this weight loss and fitness machine, so we can show you exactly why we love it and detail exactly how much it costs.


Below we will take a closer look at all of the Tread Climber specifications, models, and general information, and then explain each model (TC100 & TC200) in more detail. The TC100 is their entry-level model, while the TC200 is considered TreadClimber’s flagship version. Both models truly are great, and I honestly believe you will be happy with either, should you decide to make a purchase. But, even with that being said, there are pros and cons to both when you consider all of their specifications and features, so it’s important to give both models a good look before deciding which one to purchase.

What is a TreadClimber?

Let’s begin with what the TreadClimber is, because if you have never used one before it’s important to understand exactly what they do and how they function. The bottom line is that the TC is a fantastic low-impact cardio option, and when you really boil it down it’s a combination of the treadmill and stairclimber, as its name suggests. This means that you get the best of both worlds – the cardio benefits of the treadmill combined with the fat-blasting workout of the stair climber. But the one thing that makes this machine different from a treadmill is that you don’t have to run your way to weight loss – you simply walk on the TreadClimber, and because of the stair climbing technology you end up burning a lot more calories than you would just walking on your standard treadmill.


The TreadClimber can easily tuck into most small rooms or even your office.

Rather than just toiling away on a treadmill, they also blend in the fat killing ability of a stair climber, so you truly get a 1-2 punch with this thing. When you hop on, you are mimicking the idea of walking uphill and actually climbing up something. Think of it as a nice leisurely hike. The motion is a controlled movement and you are stepping in the same spot repeatedly  In simple terms it is the climbing version of one of the better treadmills you might see on the market. But, because of the climbing that is involved, you get a much better calorie burning workout than just your standard treadmill, and it can often be done in a much shorter amount of time.

The Treadclimber is also able to do more than any elliptical machine ever could, at least when it comes to its fat burning abilities. There truly is something special about this machine, and the folks at Bowflex have been able to develop a method for calorie burning that is pretty much unrivaled, except for maybe when it comes to their Max Trainer.

And that’s another great aspect of this machine – it’s produced by Bowflex – the same folks who are known for numerous other world-class fitness and home gym products. They have been around for decades now, and have developed a reputation for producing some of the best and most innovative products in the fitness space.

How Does it Work?

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How do these machines produce such amazing results for those who are hoping to lose weight, tone up, and just get in better shape? It’s designed so you are stepping on two different platforms. Basically, each foot will have its own platform which is then used to step.

As we stated above, it’s a fantastic combination of a treadmill and elliptical when everything is broken down. So, in essence, you are doing two movements at once while using this machine at its peak. You can change the settings along the way to pinpoint the right speed for your workout, but once you have everything dialed in, you should be able to produce some amazing results if you use the TreadClimber as directed.

The two tread platforms are able to move up and down (you can change the resistance) and the actual platform moves like a treadmill does. This means you are working in multiple directions at once. You are going up and down with the entire platform, but your feet are also moving forward and backward because of the surface moving. This sounds complicated, but I assure you that once you get on the TC it will begin to feel more natural after just a couple of uses. Plus, if you’re like me and hate running, then the TreadClimber will totally blow you away – you’re basically just walking when using it, BUT, because of the motions and incline involved the fat burning goes to another level.

This is one of the biggest selling points of what it can do for you because you are targeting the body in a unique way that had really never been seen before the TC came along.



Numerous studies and reviews have confirmed the efficiency of this machine. When used correctly, it is able to help you drop weight fast, tone, up, and get in amazing overall shape. Sure, you could hop on a treadmill or climb stairs, but will you get the same results, in the same amount of time? The research says no, but you’ll have to decide for yourself!

With all of this being said, the TreadClimber workouts are intense, and that means you are able to get more out of a 10-minute TreadClimber session on this than you would with 60 minutes on another machine, like a traditional treadmill. It is just that powerful for those who use it and that is where the efficiency begins to showcase itself.

Your weight loss troubles will be a distant memory if you use the TreadClimber as directed by the fine folks at Bowflex.

Current Models:


Price: $2199 (Financing Available)

The TC100 and is the entry level TreadClimber, but as you’ll see it isn’t short on features!


  1. USB Charging Port Is Included With Machine
  2. Variations In Speed For More Control
  3. 2 Year Warranty For All Parts
  4. Maximum Motor Speed Of 4 MPH
  5. LCD Screen (Fully Backlit)
  6. Weight Loss Guide Is Included
  7. Track Data With Bowflex Connect Online
  8.  Assembly Required, but Can Be Purchased
  9. 4 Features (Speed, Calories, Time, and Distance)
  10. Compact Design Made For Home Gyms
  11. Rear Machine Step Platform
  12. 158 lbs In Weight and can hold up to 300 lbs

This is an incredible machine and a great addition to any home gym when it is all broken down. It is the cheaper of the two TreadClimber but it’s a great entry level machine, and really can be a good fit for the novice or veteran fitness buff.

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Price: $3299 (Financing Available)

The TC200 features some additional features and options when compared to the TC100, and truly is Bowflex’s flagship TreadClimber. I have always opted for the top-of-the-line machines because I really believe that you will be happy you did later. You can’t go wrong with purchasing the best of the best, and the TC200 truly is an amazing piece of workout equipment.


Both the TC100 and TC200 feature sophisticated display panels, with a variety of workout options.

  1. Customizable Programming To Control Workouts
  2. Bowflex Connect Offered To Track All Data From Workouts
  3. Integrated Bluetooth Technology
  4. Maximum Motor Speed Of 4.5 MPH
  5.  Year Parts Warranty
  6. Motion Traxx Workouts (4)
  7. Built-in USB Charging Port
  8. Assembly Required but Can be Purchased
  9. Light Bar To Track Heart Rate While On The Machine
  10. LCD Screen (Fully Backlit)
  11. 5 Different Workout Programs (Interval, Calorie Goal, Just Walk, Distance Goal, and Time Goal)
  12. Longer Foot Treads for Improved Comfort
  13. Compact Design For Home Gym Requirements
  14. Weight Loss Guide Is Included From Bowflex

This particular model provides more power and speed when compared to the TC100. It is also able to also provide Bluetooth connectivity and other additional features which the TC100 does not have. I have had the chance to workout on both models, and I can personally say that the TC200 feels much sturdier, and a more well-built when compared to similar machines.

That being said you really can’t go wrong with either the TC100 or 200, you’ll just have to decide which one is better for your budget and if it will help you meet your fitness goals.

It is also important to mention that while Bowflex has produced multiple machines under the umbrella of “Treadclimber” over the years, most have been discontinued, and the TC100 and 200 or the only models currently being offered directly from the manufacturer.

Which TreadClimber is Best for You?

treadclimber tc100
  • TC100 / $2199
  • SALE: Save $368+
  • Financing Available
  • FREE Shipping
  • 4 Workout Modes
  • Fully Backlit LCD Display
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  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Bowflex® Worry-Free Warranty
bowflex treadclimber tc200
  • TC200 / $3299
  • SALE: Save $529+
  • Financing Available
  • FREE Shipping
  • 5 Workout Modes
  • Fully Backlit LCD Display
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  • Advanced Heart Rate Monitor
  • Bowflex® Worry-Free Warranty
  • Built-In USB Charging Port


You really can’t go wrong with either of the current versions of the Treadclimber. I have had the chance to workout on both the TC100 and TC200, and in all honesty, both machines are high quality and provide great workouts. While the TC200 is the higher end machine, you will have to pay for the added features and overall quality, but if you plan to use the machine for many years, then the additional investment is probably worth it.

If you’re willing to spring for the extra money, then the TC200 is the superior machine. That is generally the approach I take, and especially with fitness equipment. I truly believe it’s worth the investment to spring for the higher end equipment, especially if you’re planning to use it long term, BUT if money is an issue, then go with the TC100. It is also a solid option, and you will be happy with it as well. Bowflex also offers a generous financing package, which means you don’t need to pay the full cost of the machine up front.

The bottom line is that the TreadClimber is an amazing piece of fitness equipment, and is a great, low-pact alternative when compared to the treadmill. On top of that, it burns a lot more calories! Either way, click the link below to lock in the best deal on these amazing machines:

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