Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 Review

The TreadClimber TC100 is an exercise machine which offers cardio training while helping you burn calories and get in great shape. Unlike the classic treadmill design, which only has one thread for walking or running, the TreadClimber TC100 uses a dual tread system, which enhances its capacities as a fat burning machine. The TC 100 has the added benefit of being a single exercise machine while offering the benefits of three different machines in one.

TC100 Price: $2199

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Why The TC100 is So Great:

The TreadClimber TC100 works with a belt system like a treadmill would, as you walk, the belts move you forward.

Stair Climber
The TreadClimber TC100 performs like a stair climber would, it has two treadles which are independent from one another and move up and down.

TheTreadmill/Stair Climber Combo
The TreadClimber TC100 performs much like an elliptical trainer would, it provides a forward motion that is very smooth and low impact.

Even though the Bowflex TC100 is motorized they can only be used for walking, although the TreadClimber is used as a normal treadmill would be, the treadles are spaced a certain amount apart and many said that it was almost impossible to run on them and reported that when they attempted it felt very odd and unnatural. The treadles are very soft this makes it quite comfortable to walk, it is very easy on the joints and the entire experience is very smooth.

Although easy to use, the TC100 is a very advanced machine and needs to be assembled properly. If you are unsure how to do it yourself, it is best to let a professional technician handle everything, which can be set up via the Bowflex site. That said, if you consider yourself as even moderately handy, then there are plenty of how-to guides available on Youtube that can walk you through the entire process.

It is important to consider ceiling height for the installation, the TreadClimber TC100s treadles are at their highest point, seventeen inches (forty-three centimeters) off the floor, especially if you are tall make sure this will not pose a problem.

The TC100 includes transport wheels, however, it is a very large and heavy piece of equipment which is wider than most common doorways and does not fold in any way, experts suggest placing it in a permanent position. Depending on the type of floor your exercise area has, due to the heavy weight it is best to protect your floor by placing a rubber mat or a mat of a similar material under your new machine.

The TC100 has shorter treadles and comes with a stepping platform, other TreadClimbers models have longer treadles but no such platform. This makes stepping backward much easier, you do not have to step back and down or step to the side and only then be able to shut off the TreadClimber.

Being motorized units the noise that treadclimbers emit when used as a common treadmill is, in fact, comparable to other common treadmills. However when they are used as a TreadClimber or a stair climber, they’re a bit noisier, it is still not anything that would bother people in adjoining rooms. If however there is someone in the same room as where the TreadClimber is being used and trying to watch television, the volume generally has to be increased, but only a little.

When compared with older TC models, the TC100 offers quite a few improvements. Fully backlit, interactive LCD screens are one of the new features, they enable users to charge their phone, tablet or music player on the media shelf that has been redesigned and features a built-in USB charging port.


The price of the TreadClimber TC100 is generally around $2200 when purchased directly from Bowflex. If you have space and of course the money to purchase a couple of medium to high-end treadmills, rowers, stationary bikes, ellipticals etc. then go right ahead, especially if there is more than one family member who really enjoys and is consistent with exercise. If you do not have the space, money, or even the desire to pack in so much equipment and do not mind sharing a machine with other family members then a high quality all in one exercise machine such as the TreadClimber TC100 is an excellent option, and receives one of our highest endorsements.

The TreadClimber TC100 is a very durable and steady option that offers maximum speeds of four miles per hour, the newly integrated LCD screen which is fully backlit really adding some life to your workout sessions. Thanks to the redesigned media shelf which includes a built-in USB charging port, you can easily charge your phone, tablet or music player. It also stores as well as tracks two users. It is a design that is can easily fit in most home exercise spaces.

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