Trenbolone Reviews & Results

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Trenbolone acetate is known by many as one of the most versatile steroids ever created – it can produce huge muscle gains, and out of this world strength and power, but how safe is it and is it even legal?

Below, we’ll detail exactly what trenbolone is, why some people choose to take it, and whether or not there are safe and legal alternatives you may want to consider.

Tren: The Best Anabolic Steroid of All Time?

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Trenbolone is probably one of the most popular injectable anabolic steroids of all time, and that’s because it produces some pretty amazing results – in terms of muscle gains, that is.

This has made it an extremely popular injectable for bodybuilders, fitness models, and athletes looking to gain an edge against the competition. It is most commonly used for bulking and cutting

It is most commonly used for bulking and cutting but was originally designed as a veterinary steroid. It has been used to add lean muscle mass and improve the appetite of livestock, like cattle.

It is not sold as a prescription medication for people, but trenbolone enanthate is sometimes available for sale under the name Trenabol as well.

If first appeared on the market back in the 1980s, and went by the name “Finajet,” and for a short period it was introduced in France, where it was marketed and sold for human consumption.

This product was called Negma, but they stopped making it in the late 90s, and there isn’t currently a form of Trenabol that is being legally sold for human use.

This means, bodybuilders and other people looking to buy Tren have had to resort to shady back-alley deals or the black market, and are often given products that are made in off-the-radar laboratories.

Personally, this would give me a tremendous amount of reservation when it came to actually injecting this stuff into my body, but more on that below.

How & Why Does it Work?

Trenbolone can be found in three different varieties: Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Acetate, and Enanthate. The Acetate version is the most popular with humans.

Its popularity is largely due to the fact that it produces super fast results and works so well in terms of muscle growth and strength gains.

Tren comes from Nandrolone, also known as Deca-Durabolin, and is in the 19-nor compound line of anabolics.

They are called 19-nor because they are missing the 19th carbon, which makes them pretty unique when compared to other steroids and testosterone supplements.

Without getting overly scientific here, Trenbolone is able to set itself apart from other roids out there by offering amazing fat burning capabilities, with the estrogen-like effects that can often accompany similar products.

Scientifically, Trenbolone can not be converted into estrogen, which means it won’t lead to man boobs or other unsightly issues guys don’t want to deal with, and that can often be a nasty side effect of other steroids out there.

Side Effects

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While it sounds like Trenbolone’s side effects are less severe than some of the other anabolic steroids out there, it still carry’s risks and isn’t approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Here are just a few of the side effects I was able to find that have been linked to Tren:

  • Night Sweats
  • Roid Rage
  • Tren Cough – Coughing fits, or trouble breathing
  • Impotence
  • Weird Looking Pee

If this isn’t enough to make you think twice before taking trenbolone, here are a few more side effects that are often linked to anabolic steroid use:

  • Shrunken Testicles 
  • Lower Sperm Count
  • Gynecomastia (Enlarged Breast Tissue)
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • High Cholesterol 
  • Liver Disease or Cancer
  • Acne
  • Baldness
  • Addiction

If that list above isn’t enough to make you steer clear of steroids, then I’m not sure what would. A lot of those things can even lead to death, so the risk definitely doesn’t outweigh the reward for me – meaning, we don’t recommend taking anabolic steroids, including Trenbolone.

Which brings us to another very important, point – are they even legal?

Is Tren Illegal?

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As of now, trenbolone cannot legally be purchased for human consumption in the United States, nor is it approved by the FDA. That means it is illegal to take, which would be another strike against.

Summary: Tren Alternatives

Because the thought of breaking the law in the pursuit of big muscles sounds bad, and the potential for severe or deadly injuries sounds even worse, it’s best to stick with supplements that are reported to safe and legal.

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