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VitaCup Reviews & Pricing Info

VitaCup is a brand name that is increasingly getting a lot of positive attention, and it isn’t hard to see why.

There are plenty of people who can’t imagine getting the day going without their morning cup of coffee and if you can add some healthy vitamins into the mix to make the coffee an even healthier part of your daily routine then all the better!

This is exactly what VitaCup attempts to do. Bringing together a home mix of a wide variety of vitamins (their “trademarked vitamin blend”) along with antioxidants and a fine tasting coffee is what they do – conveniently packaged to create one cup at a time so the precious blend doesn’t go to waste while turning tepid in an increasingly cold coffee pot throughout the day.

There’s a lot to like about what VitaCup brings to the table, but is this something you should be looking at?

Read on to learn more about the potential health benefits of VitaCup and everything you need to know in order to make an intelligent and informed decision on whether or not it is right as part of your daily regiment!

What is VitaCup?

VitaCup takes advantage of a couple of fairly recent ideas and combines them into one product that has become extremely popular as a result.

Those two ideas: single serving cups of coffee that are designed to produce just one cup, and vitamin infused coffee to make that morning caffeine boost even more healthy for your system.

VitaCup advertises themselves as “A Better Brew,” and based on the information on hand, it’s pretty hard to argue with that. Not only does this still give all the benefits of coffee and ignore common trip ups like artificial sweeteners or other unnatural chemical additives.

VitaCup is meant to help boost your energy levels throughout the day, help boost your metabolism, improve your overall mood, and deliver all those amazing vitamins and antioxidant benefits while still offering the full impact that you expect from a specific cup of coffee.

Many individuals have reported having a huge boost in energy, mood, and just feeling amazing after making the switch to VitaCup has helped them continue on this better more rewarding path.

How Much Does VitaCup Cost?

VitaCup’s cost is going to vary based on a variety of different factors. How much are you buying, what flavor, are you getting a combo pack, are there any specials going on, as well as the potential issue of having price changes in the future because inflation happens.

That being said, as long as the caveat of “Prices will vary, prices can and will change, prices don’t necessarily include tax and shipping,” are understood then there are a few tentative general price guides that we can throw out there.

So very generally speaking (all prices in American Dollars – USD):

  • 16 pods go for about $25
  • 32 pods go for about $45
  • 64 pods go for about $80
  • 128 pods go for about $150

These are good numbers to use as basic estimates, but you will want to check out their website since there are frequently bundle deals or bundle packages that can lower the price depending on what specifically it is you’re looking for.

VitaCup Flavors & Varieties

Currently there are six major flavors or “blend styles” that are worth focusing on when it comes to VitaCup. While this is something that is expected to change and increase in the future, don’t let the small number fool you.

Even those available offer a surprising array of options between them.

Green Tea

This is for those drinkers who prefer a bit of tea over a morning cup of coffee. VitaCup makes a blend that will meet your needs with a delicious yet powerful cup of green tea.

French Roast

Deep, dark, and thick, this is a blend that smells like strong coffee in the morning and brings out an impressively deep taste loaded with nutrients.

French Vanilla

Some people like a little sweetness in their morning cups of coffee and there is certainly nothing wrong with that! If French Roast is a bit too dark then don’t add sugar or cream but go with the French Vanilla flavor for the same effect (without the negatives those additives bring to the table).

Gourmet Breakfast Blend

The breakfast blend features a nice mild coffee flavor that compliments any meal without overpowering it. This is a pleasant way to start the day for those drinkers who enjoy the kick but might find coffee just a tad strong or bitter for their normal tastes.

Gourmet House Blend

The Gourmet House Blend is a delicious medium roast that hits that middle ground many coffee drinkers crave and serves as a great introduction to those drinkers who are new to VitaCup and want to get a better handle on what is offered.

Gourmet Decaf Blend

As good as the house blend but without the caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine or looking for something to hit the spot later in the day this is the clear winning choice!

VitaCup Genius Blend

Coming with their own special blend of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as cinnamon and tumeric to help further boost the brain, this is the blend for when sharper, faster cognitive thought is the goal.

When you need the brain shooting on all cylinders, this is the one.

VitaCup Ingredients

the ingredients and nutrition facts

The ingredient list is short, but that is honestly what you should want from a product like this. The closer it is to its natural form, generally the better! In this case it’s hard to pin down the exact ingredients since terms like “Vitamin Blend” or “Antioxidant Blend.”

Generally speaking the list is going to come down to three main ingredients: the ground coffee beans themselves, the antioxidant blend, and the added vitamins.

Just a short list of those vitamins include:

  • Folic Acid
  • Thiamine
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3 and more!

Read on to the next section to learn more about the benefits each and every one of these vitamins helps to provide.


There are many benefits to switching to VitaCup. For one, VitaCup obviously brings a mountain of vitamins to the table which means better health and providing the body with the fuel it needs to function at a much higher level.

This is true of all VitaCup mixes whether tea, caffeinated, decaffeinated, genius blend, or a mixture of any of them.

Antioxidants are another benefit. This helps scrub the body of anything sticking around that you don’t want in there like free radicals. This not only makes sure the body runs more smoothly but may also help prevent the onset of various afflictions, diseases, and more.

An example of some of the vitamin benefits:

Folic Acid – Also known as Vitamin B9, this is a great vitamin for skin, hair, and nails in addition to also being a solid option for helping to produce energy.

Thiamine – Also known as Vitamin B1, this is a proven metabolism booster that will help fill you with energy, as well!

Vitamin B5 – The B vitamin known for supporting a healthy and fully functioning metabolism.

Vitamin B6 – This is the “do it all” B vitamin that supports skin, hair, and nails like Folic Acid while also boosting metabolism, boosting energy, and encouraging antioxidant movement through the body.

Vitamin B12 – This wondrous little vitamin will help to boost your mood, further supports your metabolism, and even helps boost the immune system (a nice little bonus for sure!)

Vitamin D3 – Boosts immune system health (great in the winter)!

When you combine these with antioxidants, a healthy dose of caffeine, and the other proven positive benefits of coffee it becomes really easy to see why so many drinkers have fallen in love with these blends!

Where Can You Get the Best Deal?

a woman in deep concentration at her work desk after drinking vitacup

There’s no question that the best place for you to get a good deal on VitaCup is by going through the official VitaCup website.

While this can sometimes be found on Amazon or in other locations, the only place where you will consistently find automatic savings for larger purchases or bundle deals is going to be through the company’s website.

Whether you’re just starting out or already hooked, if you want the best deal then the VitaCup website is almost certain to provide that for you.

Final Thoughts

So what’s the verdict on VitaCup and what they bring to the table? After thoroughly looking over the design of the coffee, the specialized blends offered, and how actually budget-friendly they are considering how much goes into customizing their blends, it’s hard not to love them.

This is an outstanding cup of coffee and the smart blend of useful vitamins and antioxidants (as well as specialty ingredients for special blends like the “genius blend”) shows a very intelligent approach mixed in with an obvious passion for good coffee.

That combination has served VitaCup well, and their fans even better!