Waterproof Fitbit – The All New Flex 2 Reviewed

Review Of The Waterproof Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 is Fitbit’s first ever swim friendly fitness tracker from the company. This is the fitness tracker that swim enthusiasts and athletes have been asking for. While it might have taken Fitbit a long time to answer the call of having a fully featured waterproof tracker, they seemed to have taken their time in doing so and did things extremely well. Below, we will be going over a detailed review off the waterproof Fitbit Flex 2.

Price: $99.95

1. Design


When it comes to the design of Fitbit’s latest waterproof offering, there is nothing to complain about. The Flex 2 is extremely thin and can actually go unnoticeable at times. Because of its vastly slimmer appearance than the first iteration of the Flex, it looks very small and slim next to the original. In fact, the module that it features on the top is 30% smaller in total size. While the overall design might not turn heads and really garner too much critical appeal, it is something that you can wear comfortably without having to worry about it getting in the way or standing out in a particularly bad way. One of the biggest flaws of Fitbit’s original Flex was it’s clasping mechanism that would seemingly never allow it to stay in place. However, Fitbit completely redid this mechanism and now it is extremely sturdy once you finally lock it into place. Another good thing about this particular unit is the fact that Fitbit is putting more emphasis on creativity and an ability to personalize. In fact, users have the unique ability to swap out original bands for all kinds of things such as pendants, bangles, or even classic bands. Because of this variety that you have to choose from, you should be able to find colors and an overall look that suits you from a design perspective.

2. Notifications

When it comes to the notifications of this particular band, it provides similar functionality to other fitness trackers on the market that do not have a screen. While there are ample LED lights that are on the band which can alert you to a call, message, or reminder – there is nothing that is going to tell you much more than that. Fitbit has set up a standard pattern of lights and different kinds of vibrations that will allow you to differentiate between all of the different notifications that you might get throughout the day.

3. Tracking


Obviously, if you are investing in a fitness tracker, the tracking is one of the most important elements of the band. The Flex 2 is one of the best bands for keeping things simple. It is easily capable of tracking steps, calories burned, activity time, and sleep. All of this can be auto detected through it’s own proprietary SmartTrack feature which comes equipped with the band. The different kinds of exercises that should be able to be auto detected through this tracker would be running, walking, bike rides, elliptical, aerobic exercises, and various sports. Because of this range, you should be able to use the Flex 2 for just about any kind of activity that you want to do with it.

However, because it does not feature a screen on the actual unit itself, you will need to use the app in order to effectively view all of the stats that the band has accumulated including the amount of steps you have taken, goals, progress reports, and more. When you actually are able to achieve your set out goal, the Fitbit Flex 2 will vibrate and light up in it’s own form of celebration. Sleep tracking is something that works very well and it provides a nice and accurate accounting of your total sleep. The good thing about the tracking with this unit is that you are going to be able to get all sorts of advanced metrics that you could expect to get from any kind of GPS enabled watch on the market in order to effectively record all kinds of specific things such as exercise duration, the amount of calories that you have burned in each exercise, and the total impact that it has had on your activity in any specific day.

4. Swimming


Because this is Fitbit’s first waterproof fitness tracker, this is likely going to be a feature that is highly anticipated and sought after. Because it has waterproof capabilities, it can be used effectively as a swim tracker band which can be worn in water up to 50m deep. All four of the major strokes will be auto detected through the band and tracked. For this reason, it is one of the better fitness trackers on the market for anyone that is looking to use it for swimming. You are generally not going to find this kind of compatibility or capability in other comparable trackers in this price range.

5. App

If you have used any sort of Fitbit device previously, you are likely well aware of their dominance within the app space. The Flexbit Fit 2 utilizes the same exact interface and it is an extremely good ecosystem that offers all kinds of motivational badges, metrics, social challenges, and more. This is one of the primary reasons a lot of fitness enthusiasts opt for a Fitbit. It’s app and features are simply unmatched by any other competitor in the fitness tracking arena.

6. Battery Life

The overall battery life of this device is solid. While it is going to rely on how you actually use the device more so than anything. But it should be able to provide you a good 7 days (if not more) on each charge.


Overall, this is easily one of Fitbit’s best and most well rounded offerings ever. Not only is this Fitbit’s first waterproof tracking device, it is also a very good looking and lightweight device that would be solid for anyone that is a fitness enthusiast. Thus, if you are into swimming sports, water sports, or any sport for that matter, this tracking device is hard to beat.