xbx workout reviews

XBX Workout Reviews & Guidelines

The XBX Exercise Program is a product of the Royal Canadian Air Force. And the development of the program is based on helping women get into a better shape while maintaining it.

As a side-note, this specific program was heavily influenced by the 5BX program, created by Dr. Bill Orban for men.

The XBX program consists of ten basic exercises, which you follow according to charts that will be discussed a little later on. It’s up to you to set a goal and get there, but you also need to respect the rules if you want to see results. The main idea is to help you reach a specific level of health, and easily maintaining it afterward.

So, without wasting any more time, here is what you need to know about this wonderful fitness program.

XBX Starts With a Goal…

a man thinks about his workout goals using the XBX program

When you start the program, you’ll be introduced to a goal chart. Girls from as young as seven can start implementing the program and it can be used until the day you can’t move anymore.

However, it is strictly recommended to stick to the goal chart and not trying to speed up the process.

For example, every age has been associated with a goal level that’s appropriate, safe, and the most efficient. If you want this program to work out the way it should stick to the recommendations and the goal levels the program suggests.

In addition to the age and goal levels, you’ll see a minimum number of days recommended per level. All in all, there are 48 levels, divided into 4 charts. You will start at the first chart and work your way up to number 4 according to your level and age.

It should be said that if you only feel pain and discomfort after the exercises, it’s a sign to slow down. Overexerting yourself only leads to unnecessary and sometimes permanent injuries.

The XBX Exercises

a man doing push ups following the XBX guidelines

It’s time to get to the juicy part of the XBX Exercise program, and it involves the exercises. As mentioned earlier, they are very basic, and you need to set aside 12 minutes a day to perform these exercise.

Once you’ve reached your personal goal, you can slow things down to only three times a week in order to keep your level of fitness.

Also, there are two supplementary exercises that are great for building posture support and foot/ankle muscles. Whether you want to use them is up to you.

The Ten Exercises Are:

  • Touch your toes
  • Lifting your knees
  • Lateral bends
  • Arm fling Exercise
  • Sit-ups
  • Raising your chest/legs
  • Raising your leg sideways
  • Push-ups
  • Leg-overs
  • Running and hopping

What you’ll notice as you go through the charts is that they offer different variations of the above-mentioned exercises, although not all of them will change.

But the point of moving according to the charts is for the exercises to get more challenging without making it impossible.

Is The XBX Exercise Program For Everyone?

a guy does the workout moves

While the exercises are very basic, there are a few that older people might find too challenging. But if you feel you’ve got what it takes to take on this special program, don’t let doubt stop you from living a much healthier life.

Recommended Exercise Times

Of course, there is no perfect time for exercise because you work according to a specific schedule. But many women find that the following periods throughout the day seem to work best.

  • In the morning before eating breakfast
  • Later in the morning or sometime during the afternoon (at work while on your lunch break)
  • After getting off work (typical recreational activity time)
  • Just before going to bed at night

It doesn’t really matter when or where you are able to fit in the exercises, as long as you are able to establish a healthy routine you can easily stick to.

XBX Diet

healthy food can help you get better results

Unfortunately, the XBX Exercise program doesn’t come with a special diet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be following one.

Keep in mind that this is an exercise program that is pretty effective all by itself. If you want to get better results and improve your level of health, start paying attention to your body.

Take notice of what you are eating and whether it contributes to your new exercise routine.

Final Thoughts

What you will love most about the program is how straightforward it is. Don’t expect exaggerated promises that make you think you’ll look perfect in a week. Instead, it’s a very realistic way of “training” your body to get into top shape and to stay that way.

Because if you want to enjoy your life up to the bitter end, now is the time to start exercising effectively.